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Preventative Dentistry

Why we do it

Here at Redland Dental, our team believe that prevention is better than cure, and by attending a dental appointment with us on a regular occasion, we are able to detect early signs of decay and prevent any further damage to your teeth.

How we do it


  We recommend the following:

  • A visual full mouth exam every 6 months

  • Dental x-rays every 12 months to spot decay in between your teeth

  • A dental clean at least every 6 months to ensure your gum health

  • Our team of experts may recommend any products which will have a positive effect on your oral health

Early prevention with our expert assistance, will save you a lot of pain, effort, time and money in the future. Come and meet our team of dentists in Alexandra Hills and let them take care of your teeth, so that you can keep your teeth for life.


1 Allenby road, Alexandra Hills

Opening Hours

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Wednesday: 8.00am-3.00pm

Thursday: 8.00am-3.00pm

Friday: 8.00am-2:00pm

Saturday:by appoitment only